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                  Save and eliminate association: do not let car child safety seat not "safe"

                  2018/07/23 10:02
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                  Report from our newspaper on May 31, province disappear assist to issue consumer warning, in the coming of June 1 children's day, parents should science choose and buy,
                    Report from our newspaper (reporter zhang xiaolin) on May 31, province disappear assist to issue consumer warning, in the coming of June 1 children's day, parents should science choose and buy, reasonable use child safety seat, buy the brand seat that accords with national mandatory standard, in order to protect children to drive safety.
                    With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the car ownership of ordinary consumers has been increasing, and the problem of children's car safety has become increasingly prominent. Save consumption association to remind, pay special attention to the fixed way of seat. The installation methods of safety seats for children in China mainly include safety belt binding installation and ISOFIX interface installation. The seat belt strap-on seat is applicable to all types of vehicles. The ISOFIX interface mounting seat can only be installed in the vehicle equipped with the interface. When selecting and purchasing a seat, you can choose the corresponding fixed seat according to whether the vehicle is equipped with an interface. At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the product has 3C certification mark.
                    Try to buy children's safety seats that meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon in the normal business place. Do not be attracted by cheap price and exaggerated advertisement and ignore the safety performance of the product. Consumers should choose and buy brand seats that meet the national mandatory standards. Remember to take the initiative to obtain and properly keep the shopping invoice (certificate) and warranty card. Check and maintain the child safety seat regularly to ensure its normal use. In case of failure, professional maintenance should be carried out as soon as possible to eliminate safety hazards. Good quality child seat frame work solid, plastic parts surface smooth without burrs, cloth cover large area under the energy-absorbing materials, soft cloth surface, smooth and even, fine texture, printing clear, even sewing.
                    When a child is wearing a seat belt, parents should check it again. If you can easily insert your finger between the child's seat belt and the child's seat belt, it means that the seat belt is not fastened. If the child's seat belt is loose, the child may be thrown out of the car in a collision, bump into something inside the car, or bump into another passenger, causing injury. Therefore, the safety belt should be tightly fastened and must not be too loose for fear of the child's discomfort.
                    Children under one year of age, weight less than 9 kilograms before must face back to the car, because once the accident, the child's body the hardest back will be better than other parts to alleviate the impact. If the head is facing forward, the child's relatively heavy head will land first, and the underdeveloped backbone will not protect the spinal cord well, and there is a risk of paralysis or death. The child is full one year old, weight amounts to 9 kilograms above, when the above two conditions are satisfied at the same time, just can let the child take a car facing forward.
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